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Your thoughts on dark horse comics.

by Anonymous


Ok sure.

DH is interesting they would be almost my favorite publisher just on the sheer amount of great books they put out. (BPRD, Empowered, Finder Sabertooth Swordsman) but they have sooo much awful shit too and seem so set in the past — and not in a good way.(Groo Vs Conan in 2014?—and that’s less of a stab at Groo— Conan at DH is tired. I’d much rather see a Hellboy comic by Aragonés)

My main issue with them is the same thing I’d argue about Fantagraphics. —they feel to me like they had their line up of stars in the 80;s and 90’sand just don’t care all that much about finding new creators with singular artistic visions. I don’t see a lot of risk on the stands. (although at Fanta I am impressed by them doing Julia Gfröre’s excellent Black Is the Color & DH has Sabertooth)

They have all these amazing licenses and are blowing them on mediocrity. Straczynski on Terminator & Wood on Star wars feels like giving work as a favor or some shit. yawwwwn

I know licensed books can be a hassle but just seeing what Stokoe did with Godzilla or Jefferey Brown on Star wars makes me think that some amazing work can still be done in that arena. 

I would argue that Conan books shouldn’t be in color (or maybe even not lettered on a computer.) If I had my way I would have Conan printed magazine format in black and white by guys with some grit like —Emma Rios, Farel or Simon Roy or James Harren (with a good writer) Has Corben ever written for Conan?

I thought their Legend line was really interesting in the 90’s. like DH’s Image. 

Working with them I always got this feeling like they thought I was a 37 year old new kid. I’d hear about how “Richardson doesn’t get what you’re doing” or they’d run “up and coming creator Brandon—”  and that’s whatever but no wonder the newer names like Deforge come out through Koyama . (Koyama books is such a rad company) 




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